Studies have shown that companies which are extremely successful, never use technology as the primary means of igniting a transformation. And yet, they are pioneers in the application of carefully selected technologies.

We at the coldWork Infusions are committed to produce products which are carefully designed for such companies. With the ever increasing focus on stricter compliance with an ever increasing number of regulations, many companies are struggling to fulfill their commitment towards safe operations. Add to this the increasing cost of training and retaining manpower and battle becomes even more fierce. And this is where coldWork Infusions will help you.

The products are developed with a sincere understanding of the objectives at hand. And our primary aim to reduce the workload on your staff while still complying with all applicable regulations. The reduction in workload comes in the form of a simplified learning curve to get acquainted with the system, and of course in using the system for the completion of the objectives. This will ensure that your staff will spend more time on important operations, than is possible in present scenarios. And the products are constantly being overhauled for even better delivery to the clients. The end product delivered is not just a software, but a fully functioning workflow.

initial design

Initial development was as stand-alone applications developed using the Microsoft visual Studio app kit to build stand alone applications.

need to re-code

It has been observed that applications with complex windows, and a multitude of controls intimidated, and greatly limited the users experience whereby, small changes, such as minor modifications to forms, importing of data etc., were limiting the usability of the products. It was then decided to re-code these apps keeping Microsoft Excel as core, and creating advanced intelligence using VB. The result has been the evolution of an astonishingly user friendly, and efficient 'ecosystem'. The 'ecosystem' is still evolving, of course, with more functionality and more areas of shipboard management being added with every passing day.

leading into the future

In the present scenario, with smart phone gaining wider usage, it was realized that limitations of developing under the Windows banner were not inhibiting development while fulfilling the principles of quality and efficiency that the company is built on. The apparent failure of the Windows Mobile platform didn't help either. And so, the company moved development onto the Mac OSX platform. Even though we understand that there no not many companies at present with Macs on the vessels, we are confident that with time, we can make things change...

developing a workflow

and as it is the objective of our company to develop a workflow, all applications developed by the company for the marine use actively communicate with one another. The company believes in developing workflows where no repetition of work will take place, as we feel that repetition of work is the single most important factor effecting the number of man-hours, effort and even crew morale. And all our products are coded with artificial intelligence. The more a user works with the software, the more the software understands the user, and makes choices based on the user's behavior.